Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability - Forthcoming

  • Achieving sustainability and environmental enhancements through a collaboration ‘toolkit’ to deliver new sustainability strategies for The Emirate of Ajman – UAE
    Jason Challender
    Accepted: 06/04/2021
  • Influence of environment and aging materials on the performance of solar chimney power plants
    SALIM MEKKI BOUALLEG, Salah Larbi, Amor Bouhdjar, Dalila Amokrane and Abdallah S. Berrouk
    Accepted: 25/03/2021
  • Wind energy utilisation for water desalination, street and buildings lighting - a case study for The Emirate of Ajman – UAE
    Abdul Salam Darwish
    Accepted: 23/03/2021
  • COVID-19 impact on waste management - business opportunity Emirate of Ajman - UAE
    Khaled Mueen Alhosani and Pouria Liravi
    Accepted: 22/03/2021
  • Ajman an environmentally friendly city with its quality of life: review of sustainability challenges and achievements by Ajman municipality and planning department
    Khaled Mueen Alhosani, Yaser Omar Kayed and Abdul Salam Darwish
    Accepted: 22/03/2021
  • COVID-19 impact on air quality and associated elements: knowledge data of The Emirate of Ajman - UAE.
    Yaser Omar Kaied, Abdul Salam Darwish and Peter Farrell
    Accepted: 22/03/2021
  • Impact Study of Noor 1 Project on the Moroccan Territorial Economic Development
    Amale Laaroussi, Abdelghrani Bouayad, Zakaria Lissaneddine and Amina Alaoui
    Accepted: 19/03/2021
  • Waste Management Strategy and Development in Ajman - UAE
    Riadh AL-Dabbagh
    Accepted: 16/03/2021
  • A fuzzy model to manage water in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
    Gomer Rubio and Wilton Agila
    Accepted: 09/03/2021
  • Climate Change Solution and Present Progress in Renewable Energy
    Ali Sayigh
    Accepted: 08/03/2021