Language Editing Services

Before submitting, we kindly ask Authors to carefully read the Instructions for Authors and check and make sure of the quality of the English language.

If you are not a native English language speaker and would like to give your article the best chance of acceptance, you may want to consider using our English language editing services before submitting it to your journal of choice.

We believe that lack of English language skills should never be a barrier for publication of good science to the widest audience. EDP Sciences language editing services provide professional editing of manuscripts prior to submission to enable clear communication of your research. This means that the peer reviewers will be able to understand fully the nuances and complex issues in your paper, thereby providing their reports and decisions based on your proper scientific reasoning.

To help authors prepare their manuscript, we propose the following services from partner companies.

Paperpal Preflight screening tool

Authors have the possibility to run their manuscript through the AI-powered Paperpal Preflight screening tool, which instantly

  1. checks the manuscript for key errors related to the manuscript structure, mandatory elements, language quality, etc. (free service),
  2. performs language editing (optional service, $29).

This avoids potential delays in the peer review review process.


As an author of Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability, you are able to benefit from EDP Sciences’ collaboration with ENAGO, one of the world’s leading academic editing service providers. Language editing is provided by ENAGO’s highly qualified subject-matter expert editors.

As well as ensuring the highest standards of language quality for your manuscript, this collaboration also allows you to use these services at a discounted rate (-20%).

For more information, please visit this page.

Important Note

It is not a requirement of submission to use the language editing services recommended and whilst EDP Sciences is confident that the language editing services will improve the quality of your manuscript and increase your chances of publication, we cannot guarantee acceptance of your article.