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Enhanced hydrogen storage efficiency with sorbents and machine learning: a review

Ahmed I. Osman, Walaa Abd-Elaziem, Mahmoud Nasr, Mohamed Farghali, Ahmed K. Rashwan, Atef Hamada, Y. Morris Wang, Moustafa A. Darwish, Tamer A. Sebaey, A. Khatab and Ammar H. Elsheikh
Environmental Chemistry Letters 22 (4) 1703 (2024)

From farm to function: Exploring new possibilities with jute nanocellulose applications

Amjad Farooq, Syed Rashedul Islam, Md. Al-Amin, Mohammed Kayes Patoary, Md Tanjim Hossain, Muhammad Tauseef Khawar, Zongqian Wang and Mingwei Tian
Carbohydrate Polymers 342 122423 (2024)

Synthesis of rice husk activated carbon by fermentation osmotic activation method for hydrogen storage at room temperature

Shengming Cheng, Xingxing Cheng, Mudassir Hussain Tahir, Zhiqiang Wang and Jiansheng Zhang
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 62 443 (2024)

Jute stick-based industrial artefact towards sustainable development goals

Rajlakshmi, Swagata Dutta, Sarveshwaran Saravanabhupathy, Priyadharshini Jayaseelan, Anusha, Arunachalam Kailasam and Rintu Banerjee
Industrial Crops and Products 215 118599 (2024)

Influence of the catalyst precursor for cobalt on activated carbon applied in ammonia decomposition

Franziska Luise Winter, Patrick Diehl, Pascal Telaar, Clara Maria Watermann, Stefan Kaluza, Martin Muhler, Ulf-Peter Apfel and Barbara Zeidler-Fandrich
Catalysis Today 429 114502 (2024)

A review on the characterization of microwave-induced biowaste-derived activated carbons for dye adsorption

T. Kopac and S. D. Lin
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (2024)

Ultrahigh capacitive performance of O and Mg self‐dual‐doped activated carbon from Ananas comosus leaf fiber using a redox additive‐based electrolyte

Awitdrus Awitdrus, Agustino Agustino, Rakhmawati Farma, Iwantono Iwantono and Mohamad Deraman
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 99 (3) 704 (2024)

Tuning the textural properties and surface chemistry of table sugar derived activated porous carbons for improved hydrogen storage

Priyanka Ruz, S. Banerjee, T. Das, A. Kumar, V. Sudarsan, A. K. Patra and P. U. Sastry
Journal of Porous Materials 31 (1) 81 (2024)

Recent advancements in hydrogen storage - Comparative review on methods, operating conditions and challenges

Subrajit Bosu and Natarajan Rajamohan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 52 352 (2024)

Orange peel as a biosource for the synthesis of activated carbon and its application in hydrogen storage

Juliana M Juárez, Brenda C Ledesma, Andrea R Beltramone and Marcos B Gómez Costa
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology (2023)

Design of highly microporous activated carbons based on walnut shell biomass for H2 and CO2 storage

Jarosław Serafin, Bartosz Dziejarski, Orlando F. Cruz Junior and Joanna Sreńscek-Nazzal
Carbon 201 633 (2023)

Preparation and electrochemical performance of Convolvulus arvensis-derived activated carbon for symmetric supercapacitors

Tauqir Ahmad, Murtaza, Syed Shaheen Shah, Sardaraz Khan, Abid Ali Khan, Nisar Ullah, Munetaka Oyama and Md. Abdul Aziz
Materials Science and Engineering: B 292 116430 (2023)

Hydrogen Storage on Porous Carbon Adsorbents: Rediscovery by Nature-Derived Algorithms in Random Forest Machine Learning Model

Hung Vo Thanh, Sajad Ebrahimnia Taremsari, Benyamin Ranjbar, et al.
Energies 16 (5) 2348 (2023)

Preparation and characterization of hydrogen storage medium (IMO/TPAC) and asymmetric supercapacitor (IMO/TPAC‖TPAC) using imogolite (IMO) and biomass derived activated carbon from tangerine peel (TPAC) for renewable energy storage applications

Kaaviah Manoharan, Rajashabala Sundaram and Kannan Raman
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 48 (74) 28694 (2023)

Highly efficient PdNiB decorated over carbon supports for the electrochemical valorization of furfural and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural into fuels

Muhammad Ashraf Sabri, G. Bharath, Abdul Hai, Mohammad Abu Haija, Ricardo P. Nogueira and Fawzi Banat
Fuel 353 129241 (2023)

Biomass waste-derived carbon materials for sustainable remediation of polluted environment: A comprehensive review

Kuldeep Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Shweta Kaushal, Naveen Thakur, Ahmad Umar, Sheikh Akbar, Ahmed A. Ibrahim and Sotirios Baskoutas
Chemosphere 345 140419 (2023)

Next generation bio-derived 3D-hierarchical porous material for remarkable hydrogen storage – A brief critical review

Bhupendra Ghritalahre, Vinod Kumar Bhargav, Sandip Gangil, Parmanand Sahu and Ravi Kumar Sahu
Journal of Power Sources 587 233648 (2023)

Advancements in Biomass‐Derived Activated Carbon for Sustainable Hydrogen Storage: A Comprehensive Review

Ar Rafi Ferdous, Syed Shaheen Shah, M. Nasiruzzaman Shaikh, Hasi Rani Barai, Mohsin Ali Marwat, Munetaka Oyama and Md. Abdul Aziz
Chemistry – An Asian Journal (2023)

Effects of one-step and two-step KOH activation method on the properties and supercapacitor performance of highly porous activated carbons prepared from Lycopodium clavatum spores

Naile Karakehya
Diamond and Related Materials 135 109873 (2023)

Heavy metal removal by biomass-derived carbon nanotubes as a greener environmental remediation: A comprehensive review

Anh Tuan Hoang, Sandro Nižetić, Chin Kui Cheng, et al.
Chemosphere 287 131959 (2022)

Carbon‐Based Sorbents for Hydrogen Storage: Challenges and Sustainability at Operating Conditions for Renewable Energy

Tripti Rimza, Sumit Saha, Chetna Dhand, Neeraj Dwivedi, Shiv Singh Patel, Shiv Singh and Pradip Kumar
ChemSusChem 15 (11) (2022)

Structure and biological activity of particles produced from highly activated carbon adsorbent

Veronika Sarnatskaya, Yuliia Shlapa, Alexandra Lykhova, Olga Brieieva, Igor Prokopenko, Alexey Sidorenko, Serhii Solopan, Denis Kolesnik, Anatolii Belous and Vladimir Nikolaev
Heliyon 8 (3) e09163 (2022)

Introducing a novel concept of wick drainage in masonry structures

Haroon Yousuf, Mazen J. Al-Kheetan, Mujib M. Rahman, et al.
Journal of Building Engineering 51 104332 (2022)

Naturally derived carbon material for hydrogen storage

Bashirul Haq, Dhafer Al-Shehri, Amir Al-Ahmed, et al.
The APPEA Journal 62 (1) 24 (2022)

Jute-Fiber Precursor-Derived Low-Cost Sustainable Hard Carbon with Varying Micro/Mesoporosity and Distinct Storage Mechanisms for Sodium-Ion and Potassium-Ion Batteries

Prakhar Verma and Sreeraj Puravankara
Langmuir 38 (50) 15703 (2022)

Study and characterization of the lignocellulosic Fique (Furcraea Andina spp.) fiber

Karen G. Bastidas, Manuel F. R. Pereira, Cesar A. Sierra and Hugo R. Zea
Cellulose 29 (4) 2187 (2022)

Highly Efficient Multisubstrate Agricultural Waste-Derived Activated Carbon for Enhanced CO2 Capture

Mardikios Maja Bade, Amare Aregahegn Dubale, Dawit Firemichael Bebizuh and Minaleshewa Atlabachew
ACS Omega 7 (22) 18770 (2022)

Current Development and Future Perspective on Natural Jute Fibers and Their Biocomposites

Sweety Shahinur, M. M. Alamgir Sayeed, Mahbub Hasan, et al.
Polymers 14 (7) 1445 (2022)

Control of hydrogen release during borohydride electrooxidation with porous carbon materials

Małgorzata Graś and Grzegorz Lota
RSC Advances 11 (26) 15639 (2021)

Present Status and Future Prospects of Jute in Nanotechnology: A Review

Syed Shaheen Shah, M. Nasiruzzaman Shaikh, Mohd Yusuf Khan, Md. Almujaddade Alfasane, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman and Md. Abdul Aziz
The Chemical Record 21 (7) 1631 (2021)

Synopsis of Factors Affecting Hydrogen Storage in Biomass-Derived Activated Carbons

Al Ibtida Sultana, Nepu Saha and M. Toufiq Reza
Sustainability 13 (4) 1947 (2021)

Hydrochar-derived adsorbent for the removal of diclofenac from aqueous solution

Velma Beri Kimbi Yaah, Mohamed Zbair, Sérgio Botelho de Oliveira and Satu Ojala
Nanotechnology for Environmental Engineering 6 (1) (2021)

Upcycling simulated food wastes into superactivated hydrochar for remarkable hydrogen storage

Al Ibtida Sultana, Nepu Saha and M. Toufiq Reza
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 159 105322 (2021)

Adsorption of Estradiol from aqueous solution by hydrothermally carbonized and steam activated palm kernel shells

Kimbi Yaah Velma Beri, Danns Pereira Barbosa, Mohamed Zbair, Satu Ojala and Sergio Botelho de Oliveira
Energy Nexus 1 100009 (2021)

Machine learning approaches to rediscovery and optimization of hydrogen storage on porous bio-derived carbon

Mohammad Rahimi, Mohammad Hossein Abbaspour-Fard and Abbas Rohani
Journal of Cleaner Production 329 129714 (2021)

Surface, textural and catalytic properties of pyridinium hydrogen sulfate ionic liquid heterogenized on activated carbon carrier

Ivaylo Tankov, Hristo Kolev and Georgi Avdeev
Journal of Molecular Liquids 340 117192 (2021)

Recent Trends in Science and Technology of Hydrogen and Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells

N. Rajalakshmi and R. Gopalan
Transactions of the Indian National Academy of Engineering 6 (2) 189 (2021)

Electrospun nanocomposite fibers from lignin and iron oxide as supercapacitor material

Pichitchai Butnoi, Autchara Pangon, Rüdiger Berger, Hans-Jürgen Butt and Varol Intasanta
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 12 2153 (2021)

Pinecone-Derived Activated Carbons as an Effective Medium for Hydrogen Storage

Sara Stelitano, Giuseppe Conte, Alfonso Policicchio, Alfredo Aloise, Giovanni Desiderio and Raffaele G. Agostino
Energies 13 (9) 2237 (2020)

Acid/Base-Treated Activated Carbon Catalysts for the Low-Temperature Endothermic Cracking of N-Dodecane with Applications in Hypersonic Vehicle Heat Management Systems

Kyoung Ho Song, Soon Kwan Jeong, Byung Hun Jeong, Kwan-Young Lee and Hak Joo Kim
Catalysts 10 (10) 1149 (2020)

Preparation and Utilization of Jute‐Derived Carbon: A Short Review

Abdul Aziz, Syed Shaheen Shah and Abul Kashem
The Chemical Record 20 (9) 1074 (2020)

Biomass derived chars for energy applications

Besma Khiari, Mejdi Jeguirim, Lionel Limousy and Simona Bennici
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 108 253 (2019)

Role of pulping process as synergistic treatment on performance of agro-based activated carbons

Altaf H. Basta, Vivian F. Lotfy and Philippe Trens
Royal Society Open Science 6 (7) 190579 (2019)

In-situ upgrading of bio-tar over Mg-Ni-Mo catalyst supported by KOH treated activated charcoal in supercritical ethanol

Jin-Hyuk Lee, In-Gu Lee, Ji-Yeon Park and Kwan-Young Lee
Fuel 247 334 (2019)

Activated jute carbon paste screen-printed FTO electrodes for nonenzymatic amperometric determination of nitrite

A.J. Saleh Ahammad, Poly Rani Pal, Syed Shaheen Shah, et al.
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 832 368 (2019)

Investigation of room temperature hydrogen storage in biomass derived activated carbon

Sai Smruti Samantaray, Sandhya Rani Mangisetti and S. Ramaprabhu
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 789 800 (2019)

Synthesis and Characterization of Wooden Magnetic Activated Carbon Fibers with Hierarchical Pore Structures

Dongna Li, Jianing Li, Biyun Ren, Tongtong Li and Xiaojun Ma
Polymers 10 (4) 435 (2018)